Today would have been Mort Lindsey’s 91st birthday. Thank you, sir, for all of the joy.


Marvelous Mort Lindsey (1923-2012) passed away Friday May 4, 2012.  His long career touched many performers.

My primary associations with Mort are his conducting and arranging for Judy Garland for stage concerts, for television (including her 1963-64 CBS television series), and on screen in 1963’s I Could Go On Singing.  I only once had the privilege of seeing him conduct in person — the Garland Carnegie Hall concert overture in Carnegie Hall during each of two nights of tribute concerts in June 1998 hosted by Lorna Luft and Robert Stack. Lindsey in that storied hall conducting the concert overture to which I been listening for several decades on the never-out-of-print recording. It was quite a thrill. 

This image is my crop of a fan’s audience picture of Mr. Lindsey deep in adoration mode, during Garland inter-song patter on May 6, 1961 at Chicago's Civic Opera House. Judy Garland is presenting her “Carnegie Hall” concert here as part of her multi-city tour leading up to and after April 23, 1961’s momentous concert at Carnegie Hall.  

Original image taken by friend and fellow fan Mike VanFossen.

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Kate on the move, on the job, through the years. marvelous.

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Katharine Hepburn at the stage door for A Matter of Gravity. 1976. I saw this show in Boston on its way to Broadway, if my creaky memory serves. (Playbills this old in my personal journey were purged in a family move. Sigh.)

Cornell Capa image for Life Magazine — Judy Garland at the London Palladium. During Garland’s engagement 9 April — 5  May 1951. Garland inaugurated a 35-minute set assembled by Roger Edens and Oscar Levant she performed for some time afterwards on tour. Garland performed this Palladium set twice a night — 6:15pm and 8:30pm — six nights a week during the run.  Every time I’ve stood in front of the Palladium I’ve imagined the excitement of theatre-goers during this run over 60 years ago.

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Judy Garland at the Palace during her first engagement in that storied venue, 16 October 1951 — 24 February 1952. (1st image = original; 2nd image = a crop in which someone decided to blur out the piano for their own reasons). [additional note, after discussion on Garland-related discussion board about these images — that’s Hugh Martin at the piano here — hiya Hugh!]

This is the first thing on my mind every March 15th. Always. To know this about me is to know me well. (And to know this is to know a bit about my mother, Cecily, who hipped me to this recording in the first place.) Lord Buckley. His beat version of Mark Antony’s oration from Julius Caeser III:ii. “Hipsters, Flipsters, and finger-popping Daddies! Knock me your lobes! I came to lay Caesar out, not to hip you to him.”